Sunday, May 19, 2013

One Skirt, Two Ways

Being the bargain hunter that I am, I have wanted one of these lace skirts but never actually purchased one because they were always so expensive. When I went shopping with my sister this past weekend, I was lucky enough to find this one in American Eagle Outfitters on sale for 40% off of the original $50 price tag. That made it only $30, plus the 40% off coupon we had to use on top of it - making it only $18! I was sold.

I love how versatile it is. It's perfect to dress up for a night out or for work, or dress "down" for a casual day-time look. I decided to dress it up with my black blazer, wedges, and a simple black tank top. I think it's the perfect outfit for work. (I'm actually thinking about wearing it for a presentation for school!) With some more layered accessories, it would be perfect for a night out too.

I decided to dress it down with my strapped tan wedges and denim tank top. Perfect for a lunch date or a day out with friends. I can already tell I'll be wearing this skirt a lot.

Which look is your favorite? How would you wear this skirt? 


[Photos: Hayley Pfitzer,]


  1. Cute skirt! I love both outfits!


  2. love the first outfit! It fits you perfectly!

  3. Love the skirt!! :D

    xx MJ

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  5. Cute outfit!
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